Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 3 Update...

Okay, So I have been super busy with family in town and such over the last couple weeks that it has been awhile since my last update.

My first week I said to myself "This is going to take time, determination and will power, but I’m going to do it!" I made sure to get in 5 of the Power90 workouts and then on Saturday instead of a P90 workout I did a Jillian Michaels workout with Kim. On top of the 6 day workout I cut soda, did better with portions and ate healthier in general. I'll admit that I was kind of excited to hop on the scale Monday morning. I woke up, but on my weigh in clothes and waited....260.4. 260.4....what the heck, I put in all that work only to gain 0.6 lbs??? My biggest issue any time that I have tried to lose weight is that I have a great start and then get easily discouraged. So although this was discouraging, I decided that I just needed to truck along.

Determined to keep up on the workouts in week 2, we found out that Kim’s Dad was going to be staying with us for a while. The moment I heard this, I knew that I would have to tweak my plan overall. You can ask Kim, I am not a public "dieter". Having this blog is actually pretty weird to me and part of me hated having it here, but I figured that I needed accountability and hoped that others would join me in trying to lose weight, tone, etc. So back to public dieting, with them there I knew that I would have to put off workouts for awhile until they leave town. Because of that I needed to concentrate on walking as much as possible during the day and making sure that I continued to eat better with smaller portions. Overall, minus some desserts (Kim’s side of the family are desserts after meals people) I did a pretty decent job, so I was curious of my week 2 weigh in. Morning came....weigh in clothes on....scale....258.6, down 1.8 from week two and overall down 1.2 lbs. I think that Kim’s dad is leaving early next week, so I will get back on the workout train in week four. I am also going to do measurements so that I can see if I am losing inches or anything on weeks that I post little to no loss or minimal gain.

Overall I am still encouraged and confident that I can lose the weight that I want to. I am also thinking about ditching the Power90 and moving to P90X, it was recommended to me by my friend Allison. It takes more time and is more intensive, but gets good results. Allison has kicked butt and she is only a few weeks into it. Keep posting your update and let me know how you are doing. What's working, what's not, what's holding you up or working great.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


  1. Good job Brian! I think I need a better scale. Mine says I am down 2 more pounds. Pants tell me otherwise... I got to the gym to run once already this week. We are trying for another time. I also started not watching TV on the TIVO. So I do crunches, push ups and butt kicks during commercials. Madelyn thinks it is really funny!

  2. Keep it up Brian! You are an encouragement to us! Look forward to reading the next update. And jut remember the weight loss can be slow in the beginning but once it picks up it can really go fast. I think Andy is going to start the P90X too now that his marathon is done.